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Our goal is to put you in the best position to reach the levels of our best clients, recruiting an average of a new recruit every week!

quotemark-left33This is way beyond fresh, low cost prospects in my inbox daily, whom for the most part, are genuinely interested in starting a home business like me. I've received so many Sherell Slaiseamazing responses from the prospects in response to your approach Mark! I'm enrolling at least one person every week into my business on average! Thank you for all your training and coaching! Making a commitment to study your program and put it into ACTION has really improved my prospecting! I absolutely know this will have long-term impact on my business! quotemark-right33  Sherell Slaise, Chicago, IL

Pastor Kennyquotemark-left33The true value in the Responsive Lead program, beyond that they've always offered excellent lead prospects at super low cost prices, lies in their new Prospecting Academy, an uncommon view of the early prospecting process and incredible passion to truly help others succeed. quotemark-right33  Pastor Kenny Smith, Longtime Client, Advocate and Industry Visionary. nav bar


If a steady flow of qualified prospects is the life-blood of a growing, thriving organization; We offer the heart-muscle!

No question, after 17 years of invaluable experience and relationships, we've been able to procure as good of prospect lead as any lead gen company in our niche. We then offer them 24 - 48 hours fresh and at prices as low as any in the marketplace. This is one reason why you were referred to us.

Yes, it's absolutely crucial that you and your team have a consistent flow of like-minded qualified prospects into your organization, especially those folks whom have finally figured it out. They understand that continuing down the same path, doing the same things that they've been doing for years is just NOT going to improve their situation or get them anywhere near where they want be. The fact that they've finally realized they need a Plan B, is HUGE.

But honestly, this is only PART of the success equation that results in a booming, thriving, sustainable organization. And, unfortunately, over 96% of the field has this part almost completely wrong! Therefore, way too often, they find themselves asking “why don't my team members work their business like me?”and “why do my people give up, sometimes, faster than I can recruit?!” I don't believe it's a coincidence that this so closely parallels our industry failure rate...

On the other hand, did you know that our industry failure rate drops to only 6% after 10 years? That's a complete 180, with a 94% success rate! That may seem like a long time, but people don't bat an eye at spending 30-40 years on jobs they don't like, never providing the life they dream about and often leave them with little in the end. And some careers also take a four, six, even eight year degrees, PLUS job training. (fwiw, I learned about two semesters worth of applicable knowledge in 4 years at University :) And we often expect green, untrained recruits to just hit the ground running; inviting, selling and recruiting. That might be possible if the process is like what we're coaching; near impossible if they need to become the expert themselves.

We have a theory that our average company/industry training is so poor and off pudding that it takes nearly 5-6 years to, really, get it figured out, then another 4-5 years to build it. We're working to fix that.

So what is the heart-muscle? It's achieving true DUPLICATION through
a simple, proper, effective, rejection-free and actually doable recruiting and business building plan; based simply on better relationship skills. We offer every client the training and coaching that simply lays out the proven path of least resistance, nearly ANYONE CAN DO; finally making our industry's success available to ANYONE with a strong desire, coachable and willing to put in the effort.

A key to this DUPLICATION is simplicity, sure, but more important is it's a 'process' that MOST people are WILLING to do AND feel that they CAN do, RIGHT AS YOU ARE TAKING THEM THROUGH IT! And before you start thinking about complicating things, rattling on incessantly and having all the answers, STOP.

You have no choice but to lead by example and not expecting team members to just do what you say, because they're way more likely to do what you did. That is until they get in over their head a few times and they get their hat handed to them. (See our friend Paula's story, a bright spot, in a moment. It's midway through Mark's open letter to all networkers, down the page.)

So, what are we coaching? Well, let's consider versions of two well-known and often quoted industry phrases...



These two important, simply phrases helped craft nearly our entire coaching focus.

In a nutshell, we help clients (and their organizations) shift the focus, early in the process, away from the company, products and services - TO THE PROSPECT, asking the right questions, listening and learning how you can be of service and value in such ways that quickly builds trust, rapport and credibility; easily creating real, meaningful conversation and connections, the foundation for solid relationships.

Today, this is the only way; there are no shortcuts. But it's also a much easier process, especially for someone new. Believe it or not, it all starts with why and how to talk less, a LOT less; then using empathy and asking the right creative, engaging, and meaningful questions so the prospect wants to open up to you.

And this is all done without ANY SELLING. This enables you, and your team, to initially focus on all your areas of strength; your plethora of knowledge, training, life experiences, empathy, insight and resources to provide others meaningful VALUE and SERVICE, when possible, as you make real connections with people. And we have an entire growing library of the perfect type of resources to provide, in addition to your own go-to resources you depend on.

Whether you want to admit it or not, YOU are the magic here, and we show you how to leverage ALL resources available, including borrowing from those successful around you, to help demonstrate your true worth.

And here's what we're seeing. It's VERY exciting! Imagine having a couple real, meaningful, completely natural conversations with prospects that is so original, from what they're used to, and have such an impact, that when you get to “what it is,” it hardly even matters. This happens because they've already decided that you are the ONE they want to work with. (Keep in mind, we provide you all the training, scripts, questions, phrases, resources, email content; everything that you'll need.)

THIS is the other reason you were referred to us and REALLY where our value lies! And, quite frankly, where we separate ourselves from the pack completely, as Don mentions above.

We're far from the ONLY lead gen company offering solid industry prospect leads well under a buck, but less than a handful have near the live experience in years and the passion to work as hard as we do transforming 1000's networkers for a living.

Now let's spend a few moments on what our coaching course is NOT.

I can assure you that it's not the next sale gimmick, strategy or shady tactics to somehow trick or cajole people into joining your business.

Let's face it, people also HATE selling and, more importantly, they HATE to be SOLD to; yet networkers still try to do it ALL the time! Too often, it just becomes a constant stream of verbal puke, no offense, without regard to the person they're actually trying to ATTRACT!

Here's just a few business killing impacts of traditional old-school selling and recruiting methods that this course is NOT. First, it's extremely difficult and time consuming to learn (or teach someone) everything they need to become The Expert, and too often today, by then, they've already moved their focus onto something else!

There are also few things more daunting than learning the art of ABS "Always Be Selling" and in practice, few more uncomfortable. It's equally as good at alienating everyone you come in contact, even if they don't tell you upfront. This includes your friends and family. It's no wonder why, so often, attitudes are where they are about our industry.

Equally as important, these old-school ideas are just an obvious and blatant disregard for the prospect, their needs, feelings and wishes. The more far-reaching impact, and we all pay this price every day, is the growing negative belief and feeling towards our industry.

Certainly a portion is due to a general misunderstanding of what we do and what this business is really about. But, MUCH is self-inflicted, often leading to a general dislike, distrust or even, at times, distain for our industry. All things considered, including this seemingly systematic destruction of Middle-Class America, our industry should be leaps and bounds ahead of where it is today.

“They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.” ~ Carl W. Buechner

The good news is that it's NOT too late, but it's going to take fundamental change in how networkers reach out and prospect the population. It's FAR from hopeless IF you know what and how to change, and this is where we come in. Being intimately connected to this industry for over a decade and a half, on several levels; we absolutely understand what works and what no longer does; not just short-term success either, but rather fostering an environment of easy, simple duplication for anyone and everyone in the organization.

It's been wonderful working with many of the most successful networkers on the planet over that time; many have been retired for years, because they truly understood and applied the elusive power of DUPLICATION. It's also been very beneficial working with actual prospect leads, understanding what makes them tick, what they ready want and how to best approach them.

We've learned a ton about the psyche of our industry's potential prospect and there's definitely been a shift; often causing a disconnect between networkers and prospects. This is across the entire cold markets, and even affecting your warm market, from your neighbor down the block, Aunt Sally across town, to the prospect in Philadelphia to Sacramento.

Just as with countless other markets and industries over the years, things change. What doesn't change is the fact that if they don't adapt and change they die, like the many before them.

No worries, we got you covered! We're on the cutting-edge and our coaching program was built with all this in mind. And in a moment, Mark Wittkowski, a Partner, is going to share a sneak peak and very special message with you. You are, absolutely, not going to believe the insight he shares, NO strings attached. Do not miss it and feel free to print it out. See Mark's "Open Letter To All networkers!" below in a moment.

He'll also share details about the absolute most important aspect of building a long-term sustainable business and the hardest part to achieve; that is unless it permeates through all your business actions, recruiting efforts and throughout your entire organization. It's no secret that the ONLY PATH to a growing, thriving organization - no longer dependent solely on your efforts is DUPLICATION.

The trouble is exactly how to foster real DUPLICATION seems like some highly guarded secret in our industry. The good news is that we open up the vault and everything that we've learned from our relationships over the years with many of these hyper-successful networkers; many who have been retired for years, because they truly understood this elusive power called DUPLICATION.

The bottom-line is for you to have success in this industry now; it's going to take MORE than a steady supply of fresh qualified prospects into your organization. Today, it takes a very different approach to consistently get prospects to lower their 'sales' guard and even consider opening up and trusting you. And nowadays, this goes for some of your warm market as well.

The battle truly lies in dealing with the fact that people do NOT want to pressure, embarrass or alienate others, and vise versa, especially people you know! The key lies in what to say and talk about since we know the affect of saying anything warm and fuzzy about your product, service or company. And those details and resources should come from a 3rd party, an offline or online resource.

Like we've been coaching for years, just take a deep breath, relax and STOP selling! Sell yourself, sure a little, the value YOU bring, but almost completely shift the focus to your prospect, uncovering the best possible ways you can be of service and value to them! And the key here is to simply ask better questions then listen a LOT more than you talk! That's it really. The rest just isn't your job right now.

Note: In addition to some of the most insightful training in the industry, our clients get PAGES of some of the best possible questions; rarely ever asked!

Honestly, strive not to say a blasted thing, because chances are, it will only hurt your credibility. This is especially crucial in your early conversations. Don't pass out any “we are fantastic” DVDs, similar video links or brochures either. These have the same negative impact prior to developing at least the foundation for a relationship. Instead, focus on being helpful in every interaction and be truthful, even when it hurts.

So THIS is the SECRET and you'll rarely, if ever, hear much about approaching prospects this way. We personally see this approach work every single day. Think back, realistically, what are your options? We already know negativity and skepticism are at an all-time high and prospects have no idea who to believe, even if they do understand that they MUST do something different for anything to chance!

We know for a fact, now that people just do not trust what anyone says anymore. So, we just have to go back to the basics of building and strengthening our relationships, first and foremost. Again, there are no shortcuts anymore. I promise that if you follow our lead, more and more people will soon be open to hearing about what YOU have to offer, gravitating towards you like a powerful magnet.

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“The only person you are destined to become
is the person you decide to be.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

OUR UNCONDITIONAL PROMISE: Not only will we offer the very best industry "call ready" prospects (ready and waiting for your call) at the lowest pricing ever, every client will dramatically improve ALL their cold market and luke-warm market prospecting strategies and RESULTS.

Cracking this nut, getting VERY good at cold market prospecting, not only insures your ability to build your business anytime and anywhere, but also your team members, especially those whom you bring into the program!

And our new “Prospecting Academy”, training and weekly coaching calls, plus one-on-one coaching, anytime, covers STEP-BY-STEP exactly how to make quick and meaningful connections with your cold market (including our prospect leads); easily and comfortably moving them through the necessary steps; learning the KEYS to building the foundation for long mutually beneficial relationships with people you do NOT even know yet!

(i.e. Learn exactly what to say to prospects initially to quickly build trust and likeability and, just as important, what NOT to say to avoid opposition and rejection; just the very beginning, the TIP of the iceberg.) ...And much more!

Nothing will ever hold you back again, whom fully engages with our program and implements the process on a consistent basis; regardless where you live, who you know or your current skill set!

Let Mark know if you have ANY questions at all. You can reach him
at 888-793-2882!
Thanks again for the opportunity to help you reach new heights!


To Your Success,

Mark W., Founder, Coach & 18-Year Lead Generation Pioneer - Founder and CEO Since 1999 - Fresh Phone VERIFIED Prospects

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