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18-Year Trusted Source and Online Lead Gen Pioneer That's Generated and Sold Over 500,000 Prospect Leads, Brings YOU Highly Qualified, Targeted Prospects To Your Inbox Daily, Actually Expecting & Waiting For Your Call!

Imagine Opening Up Productive Warm Market Teams
All Around The Country...To Grow YOUR Organization,
Bank Account & Lifestyle; Starting As Soon As Tomorrow.

Our goal is to put you in the best position to reach the levels of our average client, recruiting an average of a new recruit every week!

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for a company you can finally trust for responsive, non incentivized, never over-sold, like-minded business opportunity prospects leads genuinely interested in starting a home business, at under 50c to 89c each...

But that's JUST the beginning!
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quotemark-left2This is way beyond fresh, low cost prospects in my inbox daily, whom for the most part, Sherell Slaiseare genuinely interested in starting a home business like me. I've received so many amazing responses from the prospects in response to your approach Mark! I'm enrolling at least one person every week into my business on average! Thank you for all your training and coaching! Making a commitment to study your program and put it into ACTION has really improved my prospecting and I absolutely know that this will have long-term impact on my business!quotemark-right2 Sherell Slaise, Chicago, IL

Have you ever thought...

  •  quotemark-left2All I need is more like minded people to share my products and opportunity with!quotemark-right2 FIXED.style3_bullet1-25(We'll show you why this isn't what you should lead with and instead what's easier, more comfortable and more effective anyway.)

  •  quotemark-left2I suck at selling and cold market recruiting, when I don’t know them, and I’ve gone through my warm market, more than twice!quotemark-right2 FIXED.style3_bullet1-25

  •  quotemark-left2Am I, REALLY, effectively using my smartphone and apps (a tool more powerful than all of NASA in the early 70s, after going to the Moon!) to build my business faster and help reduce my time & effort prospecting in half or get twice as much done in the same time? (More on this later)quotemark-right2 FIXED.style3_bullet1-25

  •  quotemark-left2Am I approaching people that I know and people I don't know in the best way possible, without alienating them, that maximizes my organization's business building opportunities?quotemark-right2 FIXED.style3_bullet1-25

  •  quotemark-left2When I do recruit people, they mostly don’t DO anything! They never seem to get the vision I have and some aren't comfortable with the recruiting process.quotemark-right2 FIXED.style3_bullet1-25

  •  quotemark-left2These days no one trusts anyone and they don’t get it or understand my vision, let alone really want to hear my pitch!quotemark-right2 FIXED. style3_bullet1-25

  • Before we continue ask yourself THIS question, "What's the one thing that you & your organization just absolutely MUST HAVE to even think about growing and thriving into momentum?"

    THE ANSWER: A larger and steady flow of like-minded prospects, into your organization, actively seeking a way to earn extra income.

    But as your organization gets more experienced, relatively quickly, where most have been through their warm market, more than once; this becomes an even greater challenge! There IS a one proven shortcut, but it takes a rock solid source and specific training on prospecting in the cold market and how best to quickly build, at least, the foundation for a relationship is EVERYTHING.

    We'll build a rock solid case here for why it's, now, imperative that we coach clients to learn cold market, rapid relationship building skills. In addition to helping clients build excitement, confidence, momentum as well as build their clear and perceived value; we help them with initial posture to the degree that when they get to the “what it is,” often as soon as their 2nd connection, it no longer matters in the prospect's mind.

    The prospect has already decided that it's you that they know, like and trust well enough to want to work with, irrespective to “what it is”.

    This is what we do and have for a very long time...connecting prospects that know deep down there's a better way, with networkers like you that can help them on their journey to the better more fulfilling life they desire!

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    “The true value in the Responsive Lead program, beyond that they've always offered excellent lead prospects at super low cost prices, lies in their new Prospecting Academy, an uncommon view of the early prospecting process and incredible passion to truly help others succeed.” Pastor Kenny Smith, a longtime client and advocate.

    Welcome Fellow Entreprenuer!

    We are a 18-year online lead generation pioneer and have generated nearly a half million prospect leads for the industry, since 2000, working with some of the top MLM Companies. We've been in business longer than almost every lead company on the planet...Find out why, right now.

    We're pleased that you visited and are serious about building your business through growing your network. Find out right now, how our prospects and training expand our client's circle-of-influence and leverage far beyond their warm market; which is absolutely crucial for your sustainable long-term growth.

    We know that you're here for a reason, not by accident. Chances are that you were referred here by someone who cares about you, in an effort to help reenergize your business & organization where all you need are more like-minded prospects to connect with, outside your local warm market. You are in the right place, so spend a little time on this page to find out WHY.

    We understand that true success in our industry, up to this point, was normally achieved by just a few enlightened people. A small few really don't want to share their secret, most are not consciously aware enough to pass it on in any usable manner, and some are past their sweet spot and moved on to over-complicating. The actual process that made them super-successful, helping other succeed, is long gone.

    Hint: You learn far more from the super-successful, watching what they do, not what they say. You may be too late if our unfortunate knack to over-complicate things over time has set in. Only if they'd realize that before they knew every damn thing, their process might just have been near perfect!

    Unfortunately, the plan that fosters true success in our industry illuminates a dimly lit rarely travelled path. Odd too because, for over 60 years the unmovable truth of attaining true success in our industry hasn't changed a bit; even with all the changes in technology and sociology. Do we need to adapt the process a bit to accommodate and take advantage of technology? Yes, but the core pricipals are exactly the same.

    The great part is that the true path is SO much easier, more comfortable and more effective than its counterparts (some form of what you're doing right now) that it's not funny. Have you ever noticied I.Q. and, at times, even social skills have NO bearing on who becomes successful? The truth is that just about anyone with strong desire and willingness to learn can be a huge success, just not without the truth.

    This is what we do and have for a very long time...connecting prospects, that know deep down there's a better way, with networkers like you that can help them on their journey to the better more fulfilling life they desire!

    Let's work prospect, one person, one family at a time.

    Even on this single retail page, we can't help but offer several invaluable gold nuggets, providing an “uncommon” view on how networkers need to prospect today, if they aspire to achieving huge success through the, very elusive, power of duplication and momentum.

    The only question will be, “Are you going to continue down your current path or move forward, take that next big step and take full advantage of this opportunity placed in your lap?”

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    Generating some of the world's most responsive and best converting business opportunity leads is only half the battle.

    Sure, our reputation for high quality network marketing prospect leads, at extraordinary low prices, never over-sold and downright ridiculously cost-effective has been recognized and recommended throughout the industry for over a decade and a half.

    Yes our experience with over 500,000 leads generated and sold and over 10,000 clients served in our industry are invaluable. We've helped more Networkers than we can count grow their organizations, many into substantial momentum!

    And yes, each and every one of our prospect leads has just expressed a desire to earn an extra income in their spare time and/or start a home business. They've each filled out a “live offer” Web form, most within a couple days and sold LESS than a handful of times.

    But there's just no way around this now. The process simply breaks down without training and coaching clients a proven plan to get people to pick up the phone, and ideas to quickly build trust, rapport, value & credibility...

    Then proven ideas how to use empathy and curiosity to find common ground, relate and be able to bring some real value to bear. This process of building the basic foundation of a relationship, isn't difficult or even time-consuming, but must be done properly. And for ANY prospect that you didn't have a prior relationship, it's an absolute MUST!

    Responsive Leads uniquely places skill development equal to the importance of their lead generation now.

    Listen, we've been doing this for a very long time. And this is one of the most valuable lessons we’ve learned.

    We now share how you can easily begin building relationships that quickly evolve into meaningful and mutually beneficial connections. And as you’ll see in a moment, this changes the game completely.

    We finally realized that in order for MOST clients to have success, and not just with our program, over the long-term, we simply had to get intimately involved training and coaching a process that we already knew for a fact worked! The only requirement; follow the plan.

    Now our daily prospect lead program with proven training and weekly coaching insight works whether you have 50,000 people on your team, you're just starting out, you struggle in cold markets or even if you've never sponsored a single person you didn't already know!

    You’ve heard that people won’t join you if they don’t “know, like and trust” you. Well, today, you can multiply that tenfold.

    In the section below, This Changes Everything And The Results Are “Staggering!”, we discuss a long-standing, trusted data analytical company, that accurately quantifies exactly WHY you need to change your approach towards your prospects and how it will also greatly help you and your team!

    How many times have you heard this? “PEOPLE ONLY JOIN YOU; THAT KNOW, LIKE AND TRUST YOU.” Among other things, we'll show you how to easily accomplish this in just a couple phone calls!

    Our goal is to put you in the best position to reach the levels of our best clients, recruiting an average of a new recruit every week! Imagine for a moment what that would mean to your business and your momentum.
    try now
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    An overview of our "Prospecting Academy" separating us from the pack, beyond having some of the most responsive, best converting and cost-effective prospect leads available.

    First, you'll learn how to maximize your prospect connection rate, initially and with subsequent follow ups, without alienating people and making even MORE real meaningful connections.

    For some reason today, it's harder to get people on the phone than ever! And as you've noticed, this goes for just about everyone, other than your Mother of course.

    Photo by Pic Jumbo This has forced us to get good at using other communication channels to get prospect's attention. Even more important than what channel and when, is the message!

    We've spent a better part of a year testing and tracking results and we not only share the exact messages for voicemail, sms text and email, we'll also share a simple smartphone App that will makes it as easy as two clicks to deliver your messages!

    Then we share an uncommon approach when you do make a connection. We'll show you how and why it's SO much more fruitful to lead with asking meaningful thought provoking questions. We focus on how to quickly build trust, rapport and credibility in order to build the foundation for new and mutually beneficial relationships with good and true intentions at the core.

    This also keeps the focus where it must be at this point, on the prospect; NOT on you and your opportunity. It really is easier to listen more than doing all the talking and we know now, there's no better strategy to lead to real and meaningful conversations.

    We also help you utilize what you've learned for the next crucial step, to demonstrate a sincere willingness to be of value and service. This is easier than you may think focusing on your areas of strength, life experiences, empathy, connections, insight and we have a plethora of resources in our library that you'll have full access.

    We'll insure that you're in the best possible position to communicate and, more importantly, demonstrate the VALUE and SERVICE you bring others as a person and mentor, prior to your business.

    Focusing on the prospect, asking the right questions, talking less and spending a whole lot more time listening to learn how you can be of service and value, is the ONLY way to break through today and really get your prospects attention.

    And ultimately, the best way to simplify the whole recruiting process, especially from the prospect's perspective, is focusing a whole lot LESS on having all the answers and more on using your 3rd party resources & contacts. This is the only way to insure prospects will feel that they can do this business. Save your expertise for your team member's prospect, when your're the 3rd party resource, not dealing with ANY of your prospects direct.

    Everything we coach is built around keeping your business duplicatable where anyone with a dream, a willingness to follow a plan and work hard can do this business! And you avoid the wide pitfall that perpetually makes your business a low paying sales job where you do all the work.

    We'll also cover various other important topics like time management, task prioritization, working smart not just hard and focusing the majority of your efforts on income-producing activities.

    Also Gain Answers & Insight Into These Important Questions!

    1) “How can I better use my smartphone to greatly increase the number of real and meaningful prospect connections and therefore my total number of new recruits per month?”

    We'll show you how to potentially put about HALF of ALL your prospects BACK ON THE TABLE! Then logically, you'll be able to increase your total number of recruits per month, to an equal degree.

    And this is JUST the beginning! Not only can this be applied to EVERY SINGLE POTENTIAL PROSPECT IN YOUR HOPPER AND IN THE FUTURE across the board, not just our leads , but this also assumes that you're NOT going to get BETTER at turning these meaningful connections into a larger percentage of recruits!

    I can NOW say, without a shadow of a doubt, that if you follow the plan, even just initially in the recruiting process, you're % of connections to recruits WILL ALSO INCREASE!

    IMAGINE where you're business would be, CAN BE, if you JUST DOUBLE your meaningful connections and put TWICE the amount of recruits into your business, without even calculating the compound affect!


    2) “What exactly am I suppose to send to prospects through email and text Mark??” It's NOT hard at all, once you know what to send and say and WHY! A full update on our tested and proven email, SMS text content and voicemail scripts are coming! I know it's hard to visualize right now. Creating effective content that gets people to ACT is HARD. I know, I've been doing it for nearly 20 years, over a decade as a ghostwriter. Now in all fairness , I could NOT have done it without your help and the help of our entire client base.


    3) “How do I get people engaged with me without alienating people, even those whom I KNOW, but especially those I don't?” This will be easier than you think. Of course, it's what you SAY and what you SEND. But don't lose sight of your initial selfless intentions. Think compassion, curiosity, empathy, compliments, meaningful questions and a desire to be helpful and of value to others and you can't go wrong.


    4) “How do I get more people to watch my intro video? It seems like only 1 in 5 of ALL my prospects that I invite actually watch it!” Not bad, the average across our client companies are closer to only 15%! No seriously, this is an obvious one. We have clients now watching the short introductory video around 90% of the time! It's not magic.


    5) “Why don't my prospects answer their phone or call me back when I leave a voicemail? And not just my leads either!”

    First, here's a couple possible hints.

    a) You're not leaving the best possible voicemail. Call yourself and leave a message on your own voicemail. Then listen to it and ask yourself whether you'd call back or not?

    b) You're not building enough value with your prospect where they begin to fear that their going to MISS out if they don't connect with you. Learn exactly how to we begin to build value using only email, text and voicemail, BEFORE even the initial visit!

    We address THIS first and foremost because studies have shown that fewer people are answering their phone, since the advent of the phone back during the days of Gray and Meucci, oh yes and Bell. ;)

    Right now 92% of U.S. adults own a cellphone, 95% of the time it’s within 3 ft and the average person checks their phone 110 times / every day! Heck, one study showed 1 in 3 people would rather give up sex than their phones.

    Quite ironic, isn’t it. Never in history have we been so attached to the phone, yet not want to actually answer it.

    The good news is that there's a silver lining. The answer lies right within the problem, it just has to be done properly.

    The bottom-line is that you absolutely must get REALLY good at using these communication channels, now often, just to get noticed. And we can help you get VERY EFFECTIVE at being seen, heard & read... how to stand out from the crowd and be different.

    This means that you must have a PLAN to get your prospect's attention and motivate them and this includes knowing what to say, what to send and, ultimately, where to point their focus, initially.

    Just sending them your company link, of course, we KNOW doesn't work anymore. What you might not know is how sharply this can actually works AGAINST you.

    We'll show you how to have all three communication channels work together in harmony, synergistically, focusing on one common goal and make it CLICK SIMPLE!

    This is the KEY!

    And just like with advertising and marketing, you follow the eyeballs, or with commercial property it's all “location, location, location,” you have to communicate WHERE your prospects are LISTENING.

    And today, even voicemail “boxes” can be full, or at least getting so full that they will not hesitate to skip right over your messages if you're not careful. NO worries! You'll soon have a link to everything you'll need, in addition to begin leaving perfect voicemail!

    Finally, remember, it's not “who” you know, it's who they know; always has been. Just ask ANY leader or successful Networker, how many of his or her top leaders in their organization they knew BEFORE they got into MLM. The answer often surprises those whom have not yet achieved their full potential.

    It's absolutely true that Networker's success is not tied to who they currently know. But in-order to tap into this market outside your circle-of-influence, there's a myriad of things you must understand and that's where we can help, far beyond a good prospect lead source and an app.

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    Here’s a few more benefits of our program.

    • A manageable amount of fresh daily prospect leads in your inbox, ready to talk!
    • Buy direct from the generating publisher source that not only has WAY more control over the leads, YOU save $$$!
    • Every one of our prospect leads has just expressed a desire to earn an extra income in their spare time and/or starting a home business by filling out a “live offer ” web form most within a couple days.
    • Learn all about a simple phone App to instantly and consistently send push-button personal SMS and EMAIL after your voicemail!
    • Get instant access to over $2000 of the industry’s premier training and coaching!
    • Learn exactly what to say to prospects initially to quickly build trust and likeability.
    • Just as important, learn what NOT to say to avoid opposition and rejection.
    • Weekly Live Coaching Calls, plus one-on-one coaching anytime!
    • Learn the daily routine and attitudes of our industry’s top performers!
    • 20 years of insight sharing the “Success Indicators” of our industry’s top recruiters!
    • Learn about our “3x3 Channel Communication Matrix!” (The largest most successful corporations in the world do this perfectly)
    • Maximize your effectiveness, reach and results communicating with More People, through More Channels, More Efficiently!
    • Learn how to make the effectiveness of your voicemail messages wildly responsive!
    • Gain access to our PROVEN and TESTED voicemail, sms text and email prospecting content.
    • Add our content to the recomended $6-$10 smartphone App and you're a click away from calling a prospect, leaving a voicemail and sending a personal Email and SMS text; all in under 60 seconds.
    • Avoid the 5 BIGGEST MISTAKES that most Network Marketing distributors make.
    • Learn how easy and comfortable it can be to talk to ANYONE.
    • Finally, break through success in ALL cold market recruiting.
    • A long list of the best questions to ask potential prospects on the planet; many you've never even thought of.
    • Learn the secrets to how simple it is to have a “Magnetic Conversation” with ANYONE.
    • Annihilate the number one dream stealer in our industry!
    • No need to waste your hard earned money on oversold, incentive based, give-away, sweepstakes, or co-registration leads that most lead generation companies sell!
    • You don’t have to max out your credit cards trying to generate leads from ineffective, non-duplicatable and costly advertising and marketing programs. We have the process down to a science where you can avoid all that work and risk, buying at way below normal retail prices, anyway.
    • We run online ads that target people, just like you, who are sincerely looking for an opportunity to earn extra income in a home business and make a better life for themselves and their family.

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    Real quick, we'd like to share thoughts that a client pointed out about a potential importance of our program. Then we'll share a few recent client comments showing the result of this revelation that followed.

    Here's the thing. If you CAN crack this nut and get good at cold market prospecting (people you don't know yet) the world literally opens its door! You’ll never run out of people to prospect ever again. Nothing can ever hold you or your business back again; regardless of where you live, who you know or even your current skill set. And, one thing you'll notice, right away, is how incredibly easy this is, when done properly.

    Then imagine that you could eliminate the fear in a new prospect or the desperation a recruit may have, feeling that their fate depends, solely, on their warm market of family and friends.

    Responsive Leads is no longer just a premier lead generation company; through “The Prospecting Academy” we’re also a network marketing training and coaching company.

    What we really provide you is an entirely new way of approaching people whom you don't know yet (any cold market). And you'll be amazed not only how easy we make this process, but also how duplicateable this is for ANYONE, even those team members that don't know everything you do yet or have never been comfortable reaching out to people they don't know, where 99% of their future potential lies!

    It's an “uncommon” approach for sure. But you’ll see in a moment how “The Prospecting Academy,” teaching this uncommon early prospecting process is getting incredible results. We’ve not seen anything like this since the early heydays when Network Marketing made its way to the Internet in the early 2000s!

    Insuring that you get reliable and consistent results from your entire network marketing business now and into the future is our #1 and overriding goal.

    Here's an overview on how the program's doing...

    “Responsive Leads has always offered my organization great prices, a real and solid lead with excellent support, but their new coaching program sets them miles ahead of the competition.” Don Maynard, Columbus, Ohio

    “After years in MLM, sponsoring less than a handful of people, I'm finally making progress and consistently recruiting prospects! Thanks for all your coaching Responsive Leads!” Annette Welch, Anaheim, CA

    “After several years of struggling to sponsor anyone outside my warm market with Responsive Leads and their amazing training and coaching program, I'm finally sponsoring prospects! They've just made the process so easy and comfortable meeting new people and sharing how I may be able to help them. It all makes sense now and it has changed everything! Simply understanding how to break down today’s prospect barriers and skepticism guarantees my business and checks will continue to grow. It's like a PhD in network market prospecting!” Susan Moyer, Chicago, IL

    Our New “Phone Ready” Prospect Lead Promotion!

    For over 8 years our most popular package of 200+ prospect leads a month, straight to the INBOX daily, has been priced at $138/mo. A great value in it's own right with our retail price as high as $198/mo.

    Even better now, our daily prospects, the “Prospecting Academy”, our weekly coaching, the entire program, is now only $119/mo! This is under 60c per prospect, the same as those retailing at around $2.25 each all over the place!

    Of course our “Prospecting Academy.” is offered at no additional cost to every client. And when you couple this with over 80% of the prospects from participating energy states you have a winning, sustainable and duplicatable recruiting program! Click here to get started!

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This Changes Everything And The Results Are “Staggering!”

We are very excited and proud of our recent groups of new clients that bought in and helped put all this into fruition. Many reaping what they've sown now, recruiting multiple new team members their first month whether they've recruited from online leads or the cold market yet OR NOT!

And others have just gone crazy recruiting!

Sherell Slaise, for example, added her first four partners within the first two weeks after diligently going through the new training and coaching program our “Prospecting Academy.

Our program, a few days of reading and our weekly coaching calls are helping many clients more than double their average prospect connection rate. And not with just our leads, ultimately leading to “Prospect 2 Recruit” ratios often increasing over 100% to several hundred percent!

Now, it took a major shift in our training/coaching philosophy around the purpose and intent of the initial couple prospect connections, but we just completed our second company test; and the results are STILL staggering!

We're not only seeing some of the highest average prospect connections and prospect to recruit/customer conversion rates that we've seen in a decade, many customers are using these, certainly underutilized and more commonly unknown, strategies to approach ANY prospect; including people in their local cold market that they didn't know at all.

It's absolutely amazing to see how so many clients that have never felt comfortable in their cold markets begin to have success and some just off the charts!

From: Sherell Slaise
Subject: Re: Fwd: Following Up from Our Chat
To: “~ Mark Wittkowski ~”

Just signed up another lead! That's two my first week!

I am emailing each prospect after I speak to them for 15-20 minutes. I include one or two of the videos that you have provided to us as a way to add value. And the response has been amazing! Just see a few notes below that I've received back from the prospect leads in response to my approach. I'm even getting positive responses back when texting them after I leave a voicemail. Thank you for all your training Mark!

Best wishes,
Sherell Slaise

From: Sherell Slaise
Subject: Re: Fwd: Re: Fwd: Following Up from Our Chat
To: “~ Mark Wittkowski ~”

Just signed up another lead. That's four in my first two weeks!

Thank you so much for your coaching and support Mark! Amazing.

Best wishes,
Sherell Slaise

UPDATE: Sherell added another two partners early in just her second week; four total within the first 8 days of prospect fulfillment! Sherell is adding over one new recruit per week now!

Here's another recent comment Sherell sent us...

“ ...I'm STILL enrolling at LEAST one person every week into my business! When I consistently work your prospect leads many more say YES to the opportunity and if the timing were right for them, I'd enroll even more!...

I know that filling up my pipeline with these prospects like this WILL also payoff for a long time. I am very satisfied with the service provided by Responsive Leads. So much, that it's often difficult to keep up with the amount of interested prospects and still train all the new business partners I enroll! I guess I shouldn't complain! :) ”

Another huge benefit that we didn't anticipate was how we could help with this strong apprehension and even fear from the vast majority of Networkers to approach their fringe warm market.

This is the multitude of people and old friends whom you've lost connection and unfortunately, or fortunately with the right plan, this is the VAST majority of your relationships!

And this leads to the common fear and negativity in the dreaded “LIST;” often preyed upon by Internet markets and lead gen companies, ironically! Just the thought of making “sales calls” to this group of people, can be overwhelming, even debilitating for some!

When we can help completely remove this fear and apprehension by having clients, and their team members, simply change their focus, intent and just be real with people; the results can be life-changing.

It's amazing how far a little effort to re-connect with people, asking solid thought provoking questions and being a good listener (listening with purpose) will go.

The KEY is simple, sound ideas and solutions to help you quickly build or rebuild relationships with real and meaningful conversation and understanding how you can best offer some value, be of service and just be a helpful resource; prior to anything about your company, your business or asking for anything!

Dramatically changing times and people's (temperaments, attitudes and expectations) NOW call for a much different approach and posture with most people whether they lead to potential prospects or not.

And it really just comes down to slowing down, knowing what to say (and more importantly what NOT to say), what questions to ask, and what you do during those, crucial, initial couple interactions... that's changing EVERYTHING!

The long-standing, trusted data analytical source, Edelman Trust Barometer with their thumb directly on the pulse of our prospects quantified this message very clearly in a study they did a few years ago. In the book Wikibrands, they shared that only 8 percent of people in the U.S. trust what companies and their representatives say about themselves!

“So...what? 92% of the time I talk about how great my opportunity, products, company and payplan are; prospects don't believe me?” Joe Networker

Yep, Joe, and this affects every Networker on the planet! And it gets WORSE! This is where the challenging part comes in for most Networkers; once they realize it's not only fruitless to talk all about their great news but, ultimately and more crucial, it's actually counter-productive!

Usually the next thought is, ok, what the *bleep* am I suppose to talk about?! I guess from the sheer volume and constant repetition it just becomes easier for the average Networker to just talk, and talk, about what they know best and feel most comfortable.

The main problem is that this is RARELY what the prospect really wants to talk about and it's never been more true than today.

They've heard it ALL before. Now it's just noise, like the adults talking on Charlie Brown tv shows, but it's even worse because today it sends their trust barometer into the deep freeze!

This is where we come in and we have this process down pat; exactly what to say and do in place of these old outdated, initial, conversations, really just pitches.

The fantastic news is that these most recent groups of clients are simply going through our new password-protected material and attending the new weekly coaching calls. Then just using a little discipline and restraint to follow the plan, implement a few new ides and fight the unrelenting urge to do all the talking and have all the answers; making it all ME, ME, ME and company focused!

The key has been exactly what we thought and we've been focusing on it in our training and coaching for many months now. With ANY cold prospect (whom you didn't know prior) and even your lukewarm market (those whom you've lost connection), your initial couple connections must be dramatically different than they are now, more than likely.

Simply put, in the beginning, EVERYTHING must be focused on THEM; NOT YOU and especially not your company or deal. Unfortunately without an actual plan and new purpose, this is often harder than it seems. This is probably why Networkers just stay the course, even though deep down they often know that something just doesn't feel right about their process.

NO worries though, we offer the exact plan to every new client and reinforce it weekly on our Coaching Calls!

And it's making ALL the difference in the world by setting an easier, smoother path of least resistance and fear. Once you have it down it becomes much less challenging and way more comfortable, especially when dealing with people you don't know at all AND those whom you've lost connection. Plus it creates a dramatically shorter learning curve for your newly recruited and inexperienced team members!

These concepts and strategies are not only VERY effective, directly addressing the major shift in people's temperaments, attitudes and expectations today, it's also A LOT easier and more comfortable than actually having all the answers, being the know-it-all and doing all of the talking! (The all too common “ME” focused approach.)

This is incredibly true for people that have never had much success outside they're warm market and those NEWER to our industry, enjoying how much easier this process is along with the rapid, early results!

Companywide, our new “Prospecting Academy” including these new concepts and strategies are helping clients increase their actual growth results (prospect 2 recruit conversions) by a reported 140% to as high as 1050%! (That's not a misprint :)

We're now seeing a greater percentage of meaningful prospect connections and prospects converting to team members and/or customers (across the board) than we've seen in well over a decade!

We have sweet little old ladies and introvert type clients that have NEVER had much success recruiting outside their warm market, calling and recruiting from our prospect leads and even approaching strangers in public, 100% comfortable, who wouldn't have ever dreamt of this just a few short months ago!

Another common problem area for Networkers that we can also greatly address is the plethora of lost friend and lukewarm connections, over the years. Traditional recruiting strategies here, often, create much uncomfortable anxiety, on both sides, and even fear when it comes to creating the dreaded “list” of these past contacts. They often feel it’s like reaching out to these long lost friends with agenda in one hand and motive written across their forehead in thick black marker.

Yet, all that's really required to alleviate this pain is slowing down the initial process and having a conversation plan. Then it's really just focusing on the other person, asking the right questions and doing a lof of shutting up and listening. That is listening with purpose; the polar opposite of mostly talking with INTENT!

Only then are you able to learn how you CAN be a real asset for them, a confidant, even a mentor or possibly even be able to demonstrate the value you bring to the table and someone they need to pay close attention! ...And NOT someone selfishly motivated purely by self-interest and self-service.

Once you discover how you can be of service and value to someone and act on it (the most underutilized asset of all humankind), you'll notice your relationships quickly evolving into meaningful connections. And for those appropriate of a real business relationship, they can be mutually beneficial for a very long time. Often times we see these foundations build rapidly, moving to the point where the actual specific business you're in almost becomes and after-thought. At this point, they've already decided that you're just the partner they want to work with and can depend on to help show them the way.

It really comes down to encouraging clients, for just a couple visits, to put all the sales tactics, closing tricks, forced persuasion and self presentation stuff aside and be yourself, a real just down to earth person. This also forces you to make the initial process much easier and more comfortable that will inherently appeal to most prospects by far. The dividends paid out for investing a little time and energy on our plan and process now can pay off massively, and has for many others, for years to come. Just as we had hoped, the far-reaching impact often moves far past only prospecting and recruiting leads; to the heart of how our clients and often even their team members deal with people, prospects and team members in general.

I've even had several clients mention that our program even improved their marriage! Very good news, but no I'm not going down that career road! :) One gentlemen did mention that his wife was very pleased with his new insight and outlook on life, but was also concerned what he'd done with her husband. True story...well sort of.

Just reach out to me and I'll spend some time on this with you. 15-20 minutes of some key insight into these simple strategies, I promise, will have an impact! No purchase necessary. :) All you have to do is give me a call at 701-258-0797 or 888-793-2882 and leave me a voicemail or send me a message here.

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Here are a few more client comments on how we stack up!

quotemark-left2 Ever since switching lead companies, my enrollments have drastically gone up. I would recommend your Responsive Leads to anyone...quotemark-right2 Peter Burthwright, Markham, Ontario

dreamstime_241 quotemark-left2 ...I want to say out of all the lead companies, Responsive Leads are the best I've ever used hands down!quotemark-right2 Dwayne Stutzman, Toledo, Ohio

quotemark-left2 These leads were BETTER THAN the $5 dollar leads that I purchased from another company...quotemark-right2 John Riding, Clovis, CA

quotemark-left2 I recently started using Responsive Leads and I have to say, they are EXCELLENT. They are truly the best quality most cost efficient leads on the market. My pipeline is full with high qualified prospects finally, and I've put 4 people in my business already! I would highly recommend these leads to anyone. Thank You Mark!quotemark-right2 Shawna Maltz, Houston, TX

quotemark-left2 I just wanted you to know that out of the first 56 6Q long form surveyed leads I have gained so far I have signed up SIX brokers. Your leads are phenomenal!! THANK YOU!!quotemark-right2 Toni Lund, Spring Hill, Florida

quotemark-left2 I would say that in many ways they are much more valuable than the higher priced leads that I have purchased. Thank you! quotemark-right2 Sheffie Hilliard, Fresno, CA

quotemark-left2 Amazing Great Leads!! I enrolled 2 New Business Partner right after I started using leads from Responsive Leads!!quotemark-right2 Geneva Osburn, Oklahoma City, OK

quotemark-left2 I am extremely impressed with your leads Mark. We were able to bring 6 new people into the business just last week! These prospect leads are receptive and open minded! Thank you for providing such qualified prospects! It sure is refreshing.quotemark-right2 Patty C., Kansas

quotemark-left2 Opportunity is Never Lost..It Simply Goes to Those that are Ready and if you want to speak to those that are ready, Responsive Leads deliver...quotemark-right2 Carol Van Tassel, Portland, Oregon

To hear more client comments, Click Here.

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If a steady flow of qualified prospects is the life-blood of a growing, thriving organization; this is the heart-muscle!

No question, after 17 years of invaluable experience and relationships, we've been able to procure as good of prospect lead as any lead gen company in our niche. We then offer them 24 - 48 hours fresh and at prices as low as any in the marketplace. This is one reason why you were referred to us.

Yes, it's absolutely crucial that you and your team have a consistent flow of like-minded qualified prospects into your organization, especially those folks whom have finally figured it out. They understand that continuing down the same path, doing the same things that they've been doing for years is just NOT going to improve their situation or get them anywhere near where they want be. The fact that they've finally realized they need a Plan B, is HUGE.

But honestly, this is only PART of the success equation that results in a booming, thriving, sustainable organization. And, unfortunately, over 96% of the field has this part almost completely wrong! Therefore, way too often, they find themselves asking “why don't my team members work their business like me?”and “why do my people give up, sometimes, faster than I can recruit?!” I don't believe it's a coincidence that this so closely parallels our industry failure rate... (con't under link.)

CLICK HERE - To Expand the rest of the Success Equation

On the other hand, did you know that our industry failure rate drops to only 6% after 10 years? That's a complete 180, with a 94% success rate! That may seem like a long time, but people don't bat an eye at spending 30-40 years on jobs they don't like, never providing the life they dream about and often leave them with little in the end. And some careers also take a four, six, even eight year degrees, PLUS job training. (fwiw, I learned about two semesters worth of applicable knowledge in 4 years at University :) And we often expect green, untrained recruits to just hit the ground running; inviting, selling and recruiting. That might be possible if the process is like what we're coaching; near impossible if they need to become the expert themselves.

We have a theory that our average company/industry training is so poor and off pudding that it takes nearly 5-6 years to, really, get it figured out, then another 4-5 years to build it. We're working to fix that.

So what is the heart-muscle? It's achieving true DUPLICATION through
a simple, proper, effective, rejection-free and actually doable recruiting and business building plan; based simply on better relationship skills. We offer every client the training and coaching that simply lays out the proven path of least resistance, nearly ANYONE CAN DO; finally making our industry's success available to ANYONE with a strong desire, coachable and willing to put in the effort.

A key to this DUPLICATION is simplicity, sure, but more important is it's a 'process' that MOST people are WILLING to do AND feel that they CAN do, RIGHT AS YOU ARE TAKING THEM THROUGH IT! And before you start thinking about complicating things, rattling on incessantly and having all the answers, STOP.

You have no choice but to lead by example and not expecting team members to just do what you say, because they're way more likely to do what you did. That is until they get in over their head a few times and they get their hat handed to them. (See our friend Paula's story, a bright spot, in a moment. It's midway through Mark's open letter to all networkers, down the page.)

So, what are we coaching? Well, let's consider versions of two well-known and often quoted industry phrases...



These two important, simply phrases helped craft nearly our entire coaching focus.

In a nutshell, we help clients (and their organizations) shift the focus, early in the process, away from the company, products and services - TO THE PROSPECT, asking the right questions, listening and learning how you can be of service and value in such ways that quickly builds trust, rapport and credibility; easily creating real, meaningful conversation and connections, the foundation for solid relationships.

Today, this is the only way; there are no shortcuts. But it's also a much easier process, especially for someone new. Believe it or not, it all starts with why and how to talk less, a LOT less; then using empathy and asking the right creative, engaging, and meaningful questions so the prospect wants to open up to you.

And this is all done without ANY SELLING. This enables you, and your team, to initially focus on all your areas of strength; your plethora of knowledge, training, life experiences, empathy, insight and resources to provide others meaningful VALUE and SERVICE, when possible, as you make real connections with people. And we have an entire growing library of the perfect type of resources to provide, in addition to your own go-to resources you depend on.

Whether you want to admit it or not, YOU are the magic here, and we show you how to leverage ALL resources available, including borrowing from those successful around you, to help demonstrate your true worth.

And here's what we're seeing. It's VERY exciting! Imagine having a couple real, meaningful, completely natural conversations with prospects that is so original, from what they're used to, and have such an impact, that when you get to “what it is,” it hardly even matters. This happens because they've already decided that you are the ONE they want to work with. (Keep in mind, we provide you all the training, scripts, questions, phrases, resources, email content; everything that you'll need.)

THIS is the other reason you were referred to us and REALLY where our value lies! And, quite frankly, where we separate ourselves from the pack completely, as Don mentions above.

We're far from the ONLY lead gen company offering solid industry prospect leads well under a buck, but less than a handful have near the live experience in years and the passion to work as hard as we do transforming 1000's networkers for a living.

Now let's spend a few moments on what our coaching course is NOT.

I can assure you that it's not the next sale gimmick, strategy or shady tactics to somehow trick or cajole people into joining your business.

Let's face it, people also HATE selling and, more importantly, they HATE to be SOLD to; yet networkers still try to do it ALL the time! Too often, it just becomes a constant stream of verbal puke, no offense, without regard to the person they're actually trying to ATTRACT!

Here's just a few business killing impacts of traditional old-school selling and recruiting methods that this course is NOT. First, it's extremely difficult and time consuming to learn (or teach someone) everything they need to become The Expert, and too often today, by then, they've already moved their focus onto something else!

There are also few things more daunting than learning the art of ABS "Always Be Selling" and in practice, few more uncomfortable. It's equally as good at alienating everyone you come in contact, even if they don't tell you upfront. This includes your friends and family. It's no wonder why, so often, attitudes are where they are about our industry.

Equally as important, these old-school ideas are just an obvious and blatant disregard for the prospect, their needs, feelings and wishes. The more far-reaching impact, and we all pay this price every day, is the growing negative belief and feeling towards our industry.

Certainly a portion is due to a general misunderstanding of what we do and what this business is really about. But, MUCH is self-inflicted, often leading to a general dislike, distrust or even, at times, distain for our industry. All things considered, including this seemingly systematic destruction of Middle-Class America, our industry should be leaps and bounds ahead of where it is today.

“They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.” ~ Carl W. Buechner

The good news is that it's NOT too late, but it's going to take fundamental change in how networkers reach out and prospect the population. It's FAR from hopeless IF you know what and how to change, and this is where we come in. Being intimately connected to this industry for over a decade and a half, on several levels; we absolutely understand what works and what no longer does; not just short-term success either, but rather fostering an environment of easy, simple duplication for anyone and everyone in the organization.

It's been wonderful working with many of the most successful networkers on the planet over that time; many have been retired for years, because they truly understood and applied the elusive power of DUPLICATION. It's also been very beneficial working with actual prospect leads, understanding what makes them tick, what they ready want and how to best approach them.

We've learned a ton about the psyche of our industry's potential prospect and there's definitely been a shift; often causing a disconnect between networkers and prospects. This is across the entire cold markets, and even affecting your warm market, from your neighbor down the block, Aunt Sally across town, to the prospect in Philadelphia to Sacramento.

Just as with countless other markets and industries over the years, things change. What doesn't change is the fact that if they don't adapt and change they die, like the many before them.

No worries, we got you covered! We're on the cutting-edge and our coaching program was built with all this in mind. And in a moment, Mark Wittkowski, a Partner, is going to share a sneak peak and very special message with you. You are, absolutely, not going to believe the insight he shares, NO strings attached. Do not miss it and feel free to print it out. See Mark's "Open Letter To All networkers!" below in a moment.

He'll also share details about the absolute most important aspect of building a long-term sustainable business and the hardest part to achieve; that is unless it permeates through all your business actions, recruiting efforts and throughout your entire organization. It's no secret that the ONLY PATH to a growing, thriving organization - no longer dependent solely on your efforts is DUPLICATION.

The trouble is exactly how to foster real DUPLICATION seems like some highly guarded secret in our industry. The good news is that we open up the vault and everything that we've learned from our relationships over the years with many of these hyper-successful networkers; many who have been retired for years, because they truly understood this elusive power called DUPLICATION.

The bottom-line is for you to have success in this industry now; it's going to take MORE than a steady supply of fresh qualified prospects into your organization. Today, it takes a very different approach to consistently get prospects to lower their 'sales' guard and even consider opening up and trusting you. And nowadays, this goes for some of your warm market as well.

The battle truly lies in dealing with the fact that people do NOT want to pressure, embarrass or alienate others, and vise versa, especially people you know! The key lies in what to say and talk about since we know the affect of saying anything warm and fuzzy about your product, service or company. And those details and resources should come from a 3rd party, an offline or online resource.

Like we've been coaching for years, just take a deep breath, relax and STOP selling! Sell yourself, sure a little, the value YOU bring, but almost completely shift the focus to your prospect, uncovering the best possible ways you can be of service and value to them! And the key here is to simply ask better questions then listen a LOT more than you talk! That's it really. The rest just isn't your job right now.

Note: In addition to some of the most insightful training in the industry, our clients get PAGES of some of the best possible questions; rarely ever asked!

Honestly, strive not to say a blasted thing, because chances are, it will only hurt your credibility. This is especially crucial in your early conversations. Don't pass out any “we are fantastic” DVDs, similar video links or brochures either. These have the same negative impact prior to developing at least the foundation for a relationship. Instead, focus on being helpful in every interaction and be truthful, even when it hurts.

So THIS is the SECRET and you'll rarely, if ever, hear much about approaching prospects this way. We personally see this approach work every single day. Think back, realistically, what are your options? We already know negativity and skepticism are at an all-time high and prospects have no idea who to believe, even if they do understand that they MUST do something different for anything to chance!

We know for a fact, now that people just do not trust what anyone says anymore. So, we just have to go back to the basics of building and strengthening our relationships, first and foremost. Again, there are no shortcuts anymore. I promise that if you follow our lead, more and more people will soon be open to hearing about what YOU have to offer, gravitating towards you like a powerful magnet.

Help is on the way, I promise! The moment you make a commitment to try our prospect leads, Mark will insure that you get our Step One training, scripts and some of the best engaging prospect questions ever asked (via email), including 24+ pages of pure gold and FULL of priceless nuggets that will get you on your way to the proven path of least resistance, so you and your team members can finally begin to achieve the success you deserve! Click here to get started!

How many times have you heard this? “PEOPLE ONLY JOIN YOU; THAT KNOW, LIKE AND TRUST YOU.” Among many other things, we show you exactly how to easily accomplish this in just 2-3 phone calls!

try now
Now, allow me a moment to discuss why we feel that YOU are in the best business in the world!

...The people helping people business.

Our industry as a whole is expanding, for MANY reasons, which provides you a chance to help even more families, in the aftermath of the Great Recession. As most American's know by now, the financial crisis is still in FULL affect, at least for the middle classes, regardless how many times the elite and corporate controlled mass media tell us it's over and that all's fine.

Forbes and a few other outlets have done a good job getting the truth out and it's NOT pretty.

Here's just a few article headlines Forbes has published the last year or so.

  • Economists say, up to 77% of the new jobs created now are part-time!
  • One out of every ten jobs in the United States is now filled through a temp agency.
  • This is the worst economic recovery since the Great Depression.
  • The American people have now suffered the worst 5 years since the Great Depression!
  • April, 2013. Unemployment Is Really 14.3% -- Not 7.6%, the official rate from the U.S. Bureau of Labor!
Just about the entire U.S. middle-class and our young adults need our help, and badly!

Consider these facts about the devastation of our middle-classes:
  • 76% of all Americans now live near paycheck to paycheck! This means almost ZERO savings/nest egg.

  • HALF of all U.S. households are now on some sort of government assistance, and one in five American's is on SNAP, our food stamp program...and the sad part is that just about all that participate now, NEED OUR HELP, if we can just get them to believe they CAN make a better life, not dependent on the system!

  • Over half of all U.S. college graduates, under the age of 30, are unemployed or severely underemployed, working in positions that don't even require a degree.

It's an epidemic and YOU hold the cure!

You Are The Last Great Hope For
The Middle-Classes To Build Wealth!

We feel that there's no better way on the planet than offering a real business, with real people, real training and high demand products that everyone needs. I can't remember a better time to be in the “people helping people business.”

Coming from a 18-year industry leader, coach and software solutions developer; what your company offers and your leadership brings you and your business...are extraordinarily rare. How do I know? Because you're on THIS particular company page!

I know you can put our daily highly qualified prospect lead program to work for your business and have success early on with our help! As you saw, for a very limited time, I will be making calls for all our new clients. This is a game changer and will put you in a position to win early, often a key deciding factor to long-term success.

Now it's up to you to make a commitment to yourself, your family and building your Business OUTSIDE your warm market. Learn how easy it is to recruit partners you didn't previously know!

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CLICK ME - To Expand Mark's Open Letter To All networkers!

Open Letter To All networkers!
From The Desk of: Mark Wittkowski
Date: October 2016

Hello there! Mark here.

Let me get this out of the way and I'll move right along to some incredible ways that we can help you build stronger, more meaningful, relationships in your business and all faucets of your life! And help you, once and for all, understand what it truly takes to foster DUPLICATION, throughout your own thriving sustainable organization! As you know, this is the most powerful income aspect of our industry; unfortunately, it's also the most elusive.

Now I mention the following successes and earnings for one simple reason. If you're going to put in the effort and make a commitment to the changes necessary for your success; a whole new level, you should understand that I come from proven, real world experiences, and a level of success and breadth achieved by very few.

“You must become the change that you seek” Gandhi

If you aren't already aware, my two companies are a 18-year online lead gen company and a software development company that I began LESS than a year from the point where I didn't even know how to shut off my computer properly; true story! One generated and sold over half million prospect leads for our industry and the other sold over 10,000 software licenses of our staple contact management and email marketing follow up software, Postmaster, combining in over $5.5 million in sales.

Years ago, I also built two sizable Network Marketing organizations. Of course hindsight is 20/20, and I just wish I knew then, what I've learned since. Through never-ending research, my own experiences and the many relationships developed over the past 17 years; relationships with some of the most successful networkers and marketers on the planet! Oh how I could have affected SO many more lives than we did, focusing primarily on only tools and prospect leads. For a full decade we left the coaching and training off the table and up to our client's companies and leadership. Considering most cases, this was a big mistake!

Just like the vast majority of networkers today, I had focused only on selling (ABS...Ugh!) and recruiting. Now, I was pretty good at it. I had my head down with blinders on and just forged ahead! I personally sponsored just fewer than 100 people into those two businesses. Great, right? Not so fast.

So what happened? Well, the same thing that happens, every single day, to the VAST majority of networkers today. I simply overlooked the basics; often spoken in phrases so common that we can repeat them in our sleep. Yet for some strange reason they're treated like idioms, rather than FACTUAL STATEMENTS that need to be understood, internalized and used every day; lived, not just repeated. I guess I thought that my sheer passion and excitement would just assimilate into new team members, and they'd have no problem doing whatever I did. Never once did I think that they just might not be able or willing to do what I was doing, the way I was doing it!

Here's where it gets frustrating. The trouble is that awareness and understanding of what it takes to foster this DUPLICATION is only HALF the battle! Maybe old habits are just too hard to break? I honestly don't know the reason for this. I wish I did. The weird part is that the recruiting process that we live by and coach now is SO much easier, so why not do it this way, right?

Just think about this from a new team member's perspective. In one fell swoop this turns a mountain into a molehill. Imagine not having to be THE expert on the company, the products/services or the comp plan! And instead, leave those details to the plethora of experts, tools and resources available at our disposal. This way you can just focus on what's most important anyway; your relationships with other people!

Well, all I can do is keep building the case for changing; simplifying the process, talking WAY LESS, asking more and better questions, really encouraging prospects to talk then shutting up, changing how we treat prospects (people), stop blatantly selling and REALLY let the tools, resources and your 3-way calls do the heavy lifting. And just hope that bringing these issues back to the frontal lobe and the conscious minds of enough networkers will eventually affect positive change for our industry. What you, ultimately, do with this information and if you apply it, is up to you.

“You cannot teach a man anything. You can only help him discover it within himself.” ~ Galileo

I could just never figure out that DUPLICATION thing, which lends to my passion, now, to help others. The bottom-line was that the people I brought into the business realized, relatively quickly that they either were NOT willing or felt that they were not able to do what I was doing. Read that again and burn it into your memory. This is EXACTLY why most of your team members never build any sort of business and why the average Networker, today, recruits 1.5 people into their business, over their entire life! (Please don't miss that period between the 1 and the 5.)

Remember this the next time you spend an hour with someone 'throwing up' all your best stuff, trying to 'sell' them into your business. Or the next time you feel you MUST have all the answers, or be the expert, or know exactly how to refute every objection or close at just the right time with the right tactic.

Instead, what if we just used a little empathy to understand that the prospect, like you, probably doesn't like to be 'handled,' manipulated, or 'sold' a bill of goods. And above all else, even once you're past their critical sales barriers, they still MUST feel that they can easily do the same things you're doing. If not, they won't join and chances are, even if they do, they'll never really feel comfortable reaching out to others the same way to build their own business. It's less often that they're lazy or that their 'WHY' isn't strong enough. WAY more often it's because they don't know what to do/say or that they're really not comfortable with the process or properly prepared for the likelihood of rejection or shame.

The thing is that across this industry, we overcomplicate the business WAY TOO OFTEN. We confuse, annoy and even alienate people; none of which fosters a mutually beneficial working relationship. This business is SO much easier following a few simple principles, none of which have anything to do with ABS, closing tactics, refuting objections or even being a good talker for that matter.

Our most successful industry leaders, never considered themselves good salespeople (and never liked much about SALES, either side) or even very outgoing or confident, for that matter. What they are good at is relating to people, like real human beings; not programmed sales bots always working towards a close. They care about and believe in other people and are very good at encouraging and helping others be better versions of themselves.

The majority doesn't have a particularly high IQ and naturally focus on keeping things simple and achievable. But, their people IQ of understanding others, having empathy, relating, and applying these to foster long-term, meaningful relationships is inherently high or they chose to put in the effort to become a better “people” person. And not necessarily a good talker or speaker, though you'd be shocked how success, leading to more confidence, makes humankind's greatest fear seem so natural, easy, even exciting.

Success in this business is ALL about honing these basic relationship building skills, and always has been that we've been honing since kindergarten. Things like treating others with respect; as we would want to be treated and REALLY utilizing EMPATHY, possibly our strongest tool. And how to relate to others while showing that you care and are interested in them, and how you can help them. This leads to having real, meaningful conversations like two friends sitting down for coffee discussing life, its rewards and challenges; is our only hope.

It will serve you well to begin acting and thinking more like you did for your first few dates with your significant other, for example, than keep resorting to old internalized, programmed selling tactics that only heighten skepticism and sales filters that you, probably, already know, does NOT duplicate well.

Here if I would have just kept it simple, focused on putting prospects through a process that they felt they could actually do, and on a few basic principles while working with my teams to foster duplication; I could have helped SO many more families and certainly saved 1000's of hours talking!

Well, since I'm now a glass-half-full person, I'm just thankful that I had an opportunity to have an impact on 1000's of networkers and work-from-home moms and dads, and now we have the opportunity, with YOUR help, to have a massive positive impact on our industry. I haven't been this excited since 1999, the very beginning!

Here's a great example of utilizing some of these principles that ended up saving the MLM career of our friend Paula Birch.

It was 2005 and partly because of the Internet exposure of our industry, (both good and bad) there was a growing number of skeptics, some even cynical, just like today. Paula was very new to the industry. She was laid off during the dot com debacle that sent her life on a downward spiral, and she was finally feeling excited and positive about her future prospects, again.

Thanks to MLM she now had the potential to earn her own income not controlled by a boss, a supervisor, a board of directors or a bunch of greedy bankers who take risks every day with our retirement funds, stock market, jobs and even the entire global economy, evidently.

Anyway she worked very hard, not as much on her new product line or comp plan, on improving her people skills. And thank goodness, because she wasn't prepared for what was about to happen. Paula just happened to be meeting a big group of friends and her sister out for dinner that night.

As excited as she was about her new business, she had no intention of pitching the group anything, without support or help from her upline team. It did, however, come up and one particular friend, saying that with a little cringe, overheard Paula talking about her new venture. And this particular 'friend' apparently had a bad experience in MLM and she was soured, to say the least. So she just felt that it was ok for her to vent, unfortunately most of it was directed towards Paula.

Initially Paula felt defensive and badly wanted to justify her recent decision and excitement. Worse yet, there were several friends there that she had already had some positive conversations she was actively prospecting. And here was another friend doing her best to pants our industry! Nope, instead, she took a deep breath and quickly thought through her best course of action and rather than being defensive and turning it into a debate or even an argument in front of all her friends, she did something brilliant!

In just a matter of seconds, avoiding a potentially ugly confrontation and possibly derailing her from all her brand new goals and dreams, she completely disarmed this friend and turned the spot light back on her. Moments later, the tables were turned and this friend was forced to defend her position and why she felt the way she did.

Can you guess what she did? I'll tell you what. If you haven't figured it out, we should visit. I promise taking 15-20 minutes out of your busy schedule, no strings attached, will be beneficial to you and your team! And all you have to do is click here to send me a message or you can setup an appointment with me from here.

Well, so you know, because of how she handled this potentially disasterous situation and turned it completely around, simply asking questions and staying calm, she ended up bringing in 5 of the people that were at that fateful dinner, years ago. Just reach out and I'll share more of the details!

If qualified prospects are the life-blood of a growing, thriving organization... this is the heart-muscle.

Now, every successful Networker knows that the life-blood of their organization, maximizing their earning potential, is a CONSISTENT supply of the most responsive and highly qualified prospects possible, available at the time when their interest is the greatest. But very FEW really understand the secrets to maximizing the overall result or affect of moving people into your organization. In fact, most miss the boat completely!

It's one thing to recruit new people into your organization. It's a WHOLE 'NOTHER THING to do it in such a way that they have the absolute best chance of RINSING AND REPEATING and carrying the momentum forward for everyone's long-term benefit.

If you truly desire all the success that our industry offers, you simply MUST get extremely good at prospecting all cold markets. As you know, these are people in your local market and online, like our leads that you don't know yet. And frankly most people have a limited size warm market, or what we call, circle-of-influence. That is, unless you have a huge warm market that's ready, willing, ambitious and absolutely lights out.

THIS is where we separate from the pack. We understand what it takes, first hand, with 17 years of trial and error while learning a ton from years of nurtured relationships with some of the brightest minds in our industry and we're opening the vault, sharing everything that we know works, TODAY. Not what worked decades ago, ten years ago, or even five years ago! TODAY.

Do you want to know another little secret? Now, I've worked with over 10,000 networkers and home business owners, of every level of success, over the years and I'm always surprised to find this little rule, I guess you could call it, holding true. When industry leaders look back over their organization (and this occurs every single time someone was asked) they see that the VAST majority (and it's usually not close) of their personally sponsored that went on to great success and became leaders...they did NOT know yet, at the time they started their business. This holds several very important insights to ponder.

How well you understand how to properly and successfully prospect in cold markets and keep the process duplicatable will, DIRECTLY, determine your level of success long-term, and often the potential achievement even *within* your organization. Unfortunately, well over 95% of the field is still not doing it properly or successfully!

As our client, not only will you get FULL access to over $1000 in training and one-on-one coaching...for the next 48 hours, no guarantee beyond that, I can also call YOUR first day of leads, on your behalf, with you listening! This way you can see it all come together.

If our training and coaching is taken to heart and utilized into your daily plan, it will greatly change your team building skills and results, across the board, forever. Feel free to call us at 888-793-2882 and get a jump on this today!

Here's the thing, and it might well be the most overlooked of all. The true benefit of our industry is a sustainable residual income, right? You do the work months or years ago and you're paid over and over, long-term.

Everybody talks about it, but only a small few actually put things in place to, actually, achieve it! The thing is that it doesn't just HAPPEN after you recruit a few people onto your team, or a whole bunch for that matter. Sure, there's always a chance you could get lucky and one superstar you recruit saves the day, but don't count on it. Successful entrepreneurs work to be good rather than lucky.

Allow me to be very clear here. Without bringing in new recruits in such a way that just about any person CAN duplicate, I'm sorry to say it, you'll never have more than the equivalence of a relatively low paying SALES JOB.

It all begins and ends with DUPLICATION, so it REALLY DOES matter what you do and make your responsibility, as well as exactly what you say, what you ask, what you don't ask, what you send the prospect, where you take the process and WHY.

Sure, you can take on all the responsibilities, have all the answers, use all the sales strategies and tricks of the trade, etc...and possibly recruit some people into your business and make some decent upfront money, but I promise that there will be long-term costs and repercussions.

Just think for a moment. How many people have your personal recruits actually brought into business? There's a reason that most networkers never brings in more than 1-2 people into the business. The average person doesn't have a clue what they're doing and when they try to bring in others, usually the same way they were brought in, and they get shot down or shut down a few times, it's only a matter of time. Very few people can take bullets like Paula, in our story above.

What just about everyone fails to do or is NOT discipline to stick to, even though it's consider the single most important aspect of the process, is to ask this simple question; "can this person (or most people) feel comfortable doing this?" Sure, people grow and feel more comfortable later on, and maybe that's inherently part of the problem, but in no way are they thinking ahead that way. So once the bullets start flying they head for cover, sometimes giving up for good, either consciously or subconsciously.

So, what's the cost of “selling” recruits into the business in a way that most of them are not able to do? The cost is little to NO duplication and of course then, NO sustainable or residual income. Of course then you have little more than a low paying sales JOB where your income, again, is completely dependent on YOUR ongoing efforts.

This is NOT the goal for most people. Oh sure, some folks are just bored or want a challenge and a couple hundred bucks a month will do, but not most. And without duplication, within a few months, the monthly check stops, unless they keep working their tail off indefinitely.

Listen to one of history's greatest teachers, Dale Carnegie, Those convinced against their will, are of the same opinion still.”

The implications of this on our industry are powerful, and completely overlooked by those who insist on the dreaded ABS “always be selling,” high pressure, shady sales tactics, puking incessantly, being a know-it-all, hard closing, alienating, on and on. Instead, we choose to help our clients focus on ABCV, “Always Be Creating Value,” asking more and better questions and then LISTENING; treating people like friends not $dollar$ signs, being sincere about helping others, understanding and really being interested in others and giving back miles and miles of value.

Do you think for a second that the super successful people in this industry or in your company that you aspire to be like, do it ANY other way? Of course not. And no, they're situation isn't different than yours, at least in the beginning, so it's no excuse for you do prospect and recruit any different.

By the way, another key here is staying plugged into offline and online company functions, meetings and events. Stay close to those already successful, who you aspire to be like. I PROMISE that the more you are around and listen to truly successful people in your organization the faster you'll emulate them and have what they have. Just don't make it all about the money. Focus on being a better person, a more valuable asset to the world, and they will follow. “If you build it (you), they will come.”

Read a few quotes from the late great Jim Rohn; “If you want to have have to BECOME more,” “Success is not a doing process, it is a becoming process,” “What you do, what you pursue, will allude you -- like chasing butterflies.” “Success is something you attract by the person you become.”

It's not what you know, or what you have or even who you know (at least not in the beginning). And it's certainly NOT what company, products or services that you're offering. I just hope that it's so painfully obvious to YOU now; that there's no question what you have to do. It's never too late to make a change and begin in a new direction.

This WILL take an ongoing commitment not to fall back to your old ways of “pitch and puke,” (lol...I really hope that doesn't hit home with you) and other unproductive habits. And instead, take your foot off the gas a little, relax, take a deep breath and enjoy the process, focusing on becoming a better, more valued version of YOU. Oh yes, and SIMPLIFY...EVERYTHING.

The facts are clear here. Those “sold,” “leveraged,” or “talked” into the business without coming to their own conclusions and believing that they can do what you did to bring them in, are ~99% less likely to build their own business. So what's the point? You could have spent much less time and effort just getting them as a customer.

I guess the good news is that the more difficult, non-duplicatable tactics that can take years to learn and hone...NO LONGER WORK...and never did work, really, except for those looking for a time consuming, low-paying sales job. The more people that understand this, the better place our industry will be. Honestly, all things considered, the sad truth is that our industry should be SO MUCH further along than it is right now.

And since the proper way to prospect (we'll cover completely!) is SO much easier, more natural, less invasive, rejection-free and more comfortable anyway...MANY more people, watching your approach and going through the process, will feel that they can easily do this AND spread the word!

PLEASE TAKE NOTE HERE: THIS, and only this, is what fosters duplication. And THIS is what gets your business to work and grow without your direct involvement at some point. This is what the leaders of today DO, but it all starts with YOU and what you decide to do, right now and every day from here.

Yes, you must have a great and perpetual source of new prospects, like ours, at least until your organization is in momentum, BUT you'll never have the success you desire unless you commit to learning how to properly prospect your local and online “If you want to have have to BECOME more,” “Success is not a doing process, it is a becoming process,” “What you do, what you pursue, will allude you -- like chasing butterflies.” “Success is something you attract by the person you become.“cold” markets (people you don't know yet).”

This includes properly approaching prospects, any cold prospects for that matter, in a comfortable, real, but productive way; without raising their sales-filters or triggering their subconscious “flight” response. THIS day and age of constant stimuli, bombardment of sales messages and interruptions our subconscious is always on HIGH alert. It doesn't take much to send ANY potential prospect running for the hills, faster than a duck to a junebug.

Everything we train and coach on is based on three primary facts:

1) 90% of people hate selling and 90% hate being sold!

2) People must feel that they are able to do what you're doing.

3) People only join people in MLM that they know, like and trust.

Here's a hint: Since cold market prospects don't know you and you have no relationship yet, the solution is keeping it simple, no selling and focusing on quickly building a foundation for a relationship. And the good news is that it focuses on simply asking more of the right questions; then actually LISTENING. It's amazing how really easy it is to position yourself as a key resource and understand how you can provide others REAL VALUE that's truly meaningful, mainly, just by really LISTENING!

It all begins with empathy and understanding where your prospect is right now in the process. Just think if someone with your experience, training and insight was willing to spend some time with you when you were just starting out; willing to listen, help and support you! This is the power and potential you have available for anyone, if you're willing to move the focus from your company and you, onto your prospect and how you can help them!

And, no worries! We'll help show you exactly how to establish yourself as a valued resource and provide lots of ideas of what to give away that they will value and appreciate. In addition to providing value, we'll share ideas how to quickly establish a solid connection, rapport, credibility, likability, and trust. So the next time you reach out to that prospect, they're looking forward and can't wait to get on the phone with you, rather than finding any excuse to avoid your call or meeting.

Honestly, if you 'get it' and make these concepts and strategies part of your daily habits, not only will it change your results with prospects right away, but will help make wholesale, positive, changes with ALL your business and personal relationships.

One of the greatest, rarely spoken, benefits of our industry is how it fosters growth in people with a greater awareness, interest and compassion in others; often leading to stronger interpersonal and relationship skills. Our training and coaching is right in line with this and can be considered “People Skills For Building A Large Sustainable Network, Fostering Real Duplication and Long-term Residual Incomes.”

THIS is where we separate from the pack and you'll see for yourself shortly after placing a small trial order, here. Feel free to call us at 888-793-2882 and get a jump on this today!

More good news is that this process is simpler to learn and follow, ESPECIALLY for someone new, without much training at all and before bad business building habits are formed. And it's WAY more comfortable and fun than the old school ABS 'always be selling' methods that everyone hates, and no longer work anyway. When done properly, team members no longer have to risk ridicule or embarrassment.

It's truly back to basics. Not just because this is the ONLY way that this business is actually DUPLICATABLE; it's also the ONLY way you'll have any success in the cold markets... prospecting for people that don't know, like or trust you yet. And it's the only way to insure that people feel that they CAN and are therefore willing do this, just following the simple plan, consistently.

An easy, doable process like this (along with our prospect leads) can also eliminate the fear of a new recruit or prospect feeling desperate that their success depends, solely, on their current warm market of family and friends!

Beyond your warm market, the whole world is full of diamonds just waiting for you to unearth!

We are so grateful that we've had and continue to have an impact or imprint on one of the greatest industries in world. And I can't tell you what it means to facilitate one of its greatest benefits, too often unspoken, of building better, more aware, emotionally intelligent, compassionate, collaborative, confident people...striving to be the best possible versions of themselves, and helping others do just the same. Incredible.

Well, there you have it. Of course there are lots of details yet to make this all come to fruition. You'll need scripts, content, ideas, resources, etc. And we have it all available! One common request is access to our library full of free useful and invaluable resources to give to prospects and team members to demonstrate that you truly are a valuable ASSET to have in their circle.

Thanks for reading. I truly hope this benefits you, your team and beyond carrying this message forward. Of course there's a lot more and I look forward to connecting and helping you grow your business in many different ways. I'll tell you what. Reach out to me here, no strings attached, and we can visit a little about where you're at now, what challenges you might be having now and we'll see if I can lend a hand with some insight.

You might even qualify for some special group coaching, just for YOUR team! This will save you time and money, insuring you and your team are motivated and focused; but are also empowered with the strategies and information they need to take their businesses to an entirely new level!

I Believe In You,

Mark Q. Wittkowski, Founder and Partner
Online Automation and Responsive Leads, LLP
office: 888-793-2882

If you have just a few minutes, I wouldn't pass up Mark's open letter to all Networkers. It includes an amazing story about our friend, Paula Birch, and how she not only avoided an uncomfortable situation early in her MLM career, but turned it into a huge opportunity long before she had any idea about comp plans or handling objections!

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Get Access To and Leverage
Warm Markets All Over The U.S

To begin, as you probably know, fortunes can be made in Network Marketing from the warm market, and have been for decades. It's also a key indicator of early success for many networkers. That said, the industry can no longer overlook the importance of Internet generated leads, whether you buy them and/or generate your own.

Ultimately, what Internet generated leads provide you is access to new warm markets outside your local market.
Your new team member will provide access to around 100 to 300 people in their warm market IF you do your job properly, and those leads don't cost, either of you a dime. These are prospects, with 3rd party credibility established that you would not have had access to, without Internet leads

Here's some more direct value we bring YOU...

1) We help clients duplicate their efforts, opening up local warm markets all over the U.S. that they wouldn't have access to without Internet leads. Expanding your circle-of-influence and leverage beyond your local market is crucial for sustainable growth.

2) This is a great way to rejuvenate your business and your organization after local warm markets begin to run out. Remember the more sharing and showing one does, the more successful, motivated and excited they'll be about their business. The impact can be powerful too, as the adrenaline and excitement flows to prospects, the more connections made. This is similar to when someone first joins, accept now they are better informed and educated about the business!

3) This strategy can also reduce the fear a new recruit may feel, thinking that their entire fate in this business, relies strictly on the people in their warm market that they know right now, their friends and family! Either the desperation or this confidence, knowing that their fate is not 100% reliant on them, will come across loud-and-clear to friends and family, early on.

4) If someone in the business doesn't continue to do the things necessary to be successful, it's only a matter of time that they'll be off focusing on other areas of their life or that next deal they think is the one. The trouble is that the result will always be the same unless they commit to doing the stuff that insures their success.

“If you want more out of life than most, then you have to be willing to do what most won't.” - Mark Wittkowski

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This is where our prospect leads come in and we have exciting news for you...

For a very limited time now, you're able to try highly qualified prospect leads at our lowest price in five years!

You're able to try our best and most popular phone highly qualified prospect lead as low as ONLY .49 cents each, with ZERO long-term commitment! We've dropped our prices to the lowest possible point on all but one of our packages, at JUST OVER COST. And for anyone ORDERING THIS WEEK...we will keep these prices for you indefinitely, as long as you have an active account.

This will insure you the best possible long-term value! These are the same types of long form-fill leads available online for $2, even $3 or more, but better, fresher and sold ONLY 3 -5 times. Heck, we retail these leads for as much as .99 each, STILL below most wholesale prices!

AND...Just call 888-793-2882 to see if local area leads are available in YOUR area right now! This is an unheard of price for call center verified leads, let alone getting some right in your own backyard!

Hrs : Mins : Secs

If you order within 24 hours from now, not only will you get over $1500 in training and one-on-one coaching! But....

Mark Wittkowski, a 18-year Internet Marketer & Coach, will walk you through his 24-page intensive lead training guide, "PROSPECT 2 RECRUIT," with you ONE-ON-ONE!

...AND then jump on the phone (WITH YOU) and call through your first day of leads! He'll break the ice, qualify your prospects, insure you make a connection with them right then and finally he'll set up your next appointment for you!

You'll hear first-hand...the most important and maybe the best possible initial 10 seconds (opening phrase) to warm up ANY Internet lead! He instantly disarms the prospect and almost guarantees that they put down their defenses (the skeptical gatekeeper) and open up to YOU, insuring you both feel comfortable.

This is the single biggest challenge, working ANY Internet generated prospect leads, and Mark will help you solve it for good, in about 30 minutes!

EVERY new client gets password access to our Comprehensive, 24-page Success Secrets Training Guide! “PROSPECT 2 RECRUIT: The Complete Guide To 'The Truth' About New Age Networking!”

It's an accumulation of over 10 years of tips and strategies that we've used to generate over $5 million in online sales as well as secret strategies and tactics of some of the Network Marketing Industry Legends. This is the information we've shared with clients, some who have gone on to fame and fortune, and it can make all the difference in the world to your business and your results.

We don't just cover how to work leads and what to say to insure they let you past their mental gatekeeper and are open to listening to you...but, we cover nearly every step of PROSPECT 2 RECRUIT. We also include many crucial aspects and invaluable insights of building a successful home business.

Give us a try today, and starting building local warm markets all around the U.S., THE RIGHT WAY. Click here to get started.

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It's as true today, as it was in 1999 or 1920 for that matter...

What Would It Mean For Your Business If Prospects You Haven't Talked To For Days, Months Or Even Longer...Began Reaching Out To YOU, Ready To Know More?

POSTMASTER-LOGO I'd like to introduce our 18-year staple product, Postmaster Software, helping over 10,000 small and home based businesses worldwide, get A LOT more done in LESS TIME!

NEVER, again, let another prospect slip through the cracks and be forgotten about!


GAIN a HUGE competitive-edge over the 4 out of 5 networkers NOT following up properly!

Imagine for just a moment...that you had the email address & phone number, even past notes etc. for every single prospect that you have EVER come in contact with, in one single app, RIGHT NOW! Just think about the far-reaching impact and power you'd have, being able to communicate to such a huge, targeted, growing audience at any moment; by category, personalized, and even automated in the same time it takes to craft a single message! It's real, effective, push-button, yet personal...promoting, selling, coaching, training, motivating, whatever you want; at your fingertips.

Just think what this could do for your ability to build and foster relationships!

success3Find out, right now, why SO many successful entrepreneurs use Postmaster for their push-button list building, managing and tracking contacts, and 'personal touch,' yet SECRETLY automated email follow up that's just not possible with Autoresponders... AND THEY STILL DO TODAY!

What do we bring to the table over the other autoresponder companies?

ico-bullet  One-time investment with a 6-8 month payback and it's yours forever. Save hundreds, even thousands of dollars over time with Postmaster's one-time investment!
ico-bullet  You control everything from your PC 100% with NO branding, other than YOU and your company.
ico-bullet  Unmatched personal-touch, with the recipient unable to tell your emails are automated at all.
ico-bullet  Far more flexibility using powerful automation of our IES module (Incoming Email Solution).
ico-bullet  The best DELIVERABILITY possible! I won't argue the point with autoresponder companies, and their self-reported deliverability rates that send millions of messages a day from a single server with an unavoidably certain and constant amount of customers spamming. What I will say is that absolutely NOTHING gets better deliverability than sending personal messages, one at a time (automated mind you) through your ISP or Webhost right to the recipient's Inbox, period!

Click here, to learn more about our Postmaster Software now..

Ask ANY successful online marketer,

...regardless whether they're an Internet, Affiliate or Network Marketer...“What is THE most important aspect of your business?” 98% of the time, the answer will be, BUILDING A LIST AND FOLLOWING UP!

“The biggest mistake that I've made in my time online was to think I could be successful without building a list and following up.” My friend Mark Thompson, Internet Marketing Superstar from Spain, said.

I'm confident if you give Postmaster a try...'ll find out how it's exactly what you need right now to turn things around, and like many of our clients (many with us over a decade) that you'll quickly get to where you can't imagine life without it! I'll even set it up for you and walk you through Postmaster! success3

It's called Drip Marketing and it WORKS! (Click to see an Infographic).

Honestly, I can't count the clients that have told me, over the years that they've had prospects join... 3, 6, 9, even more than a year later, because the timing was right, or something they sent, resonated with them. WITHOUT, at least, something like Postmaster... 85% to 95%, or more, will NEVER get a chance!

It's simply, spoon feeding step-by-step, easily digestible amounts of information over time... and our software is the ONLY solution, anywhere near our price, where your recipients have NO IDEA that it's all automated, and simply NOT possible with Aweber or Get Response! This approach has worked since the advent of direct mail only now the cost-effectiveness is OFF THE CHARTS, especially once Postmaster has paid for itself and you own it, free and clear.

Click here to see lots of client comments, including positive comments from Internet Marketing Guru of the Gurus, like Frank Kern and others! You'll also get access to download and try Postmaster, FREE, and see how you can also send UNLIMITED TEXT messages!

Special Offer! If you purchase our prospect leads, you'll then have 48 hours to order Postmaster HERE for only $249 vs. $349, for a Lifetime License, for the next 48 hours you get an extra $50 off our already reduced special price, simply because you are a Responsive Lead Client!

That's ONLY $199 ONCE HERE and you'll NEVER pay anything again! You'll get a great start on building your own invaluable long-term asset, YOUR LIST! And, make the most of all your prospect leads, while saving hundreds, even thousands of dollars over the lifetime paying monthly for inferior autoresponders


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Do You Want To Build Your Organization Fast -- With Responsive, Qualified, 48-Hr Fresh, Call-verified, Semi- Exclusive, Guaranteed "Opt-in", Business Opportunity Seeker Leads at Wholesale Prices?

Who wouldn't, right?

Well, I'm here to share that in fact, you can.

Are you skeptical? You should be. Over the years, many of our 1000's of satisfied clients have, prior to Responsive Leads, had bad experiences. (20-30% or more bad numbers, prospects that don't have a clue why you're calling, often upset that you're even calling, and so on.) Some have even told me they'd be better off dialing out of the phone book. Yikes!

Many of these lead companies have given the Industry a black eye, with business builders, often, dreading the prospect of calling Internet leads. It's been our mission to change that for over more than a decade and in the process we've generated and sold nearly a half million prospect leads! You're not able to do that without substantial knowhow and ability!

Listen, you are here because you simply need more like-minded prospects to talk to and share
that are actively looking for a way to make money in their spare time. You are in need of the “lifeblood” of every organization and business on the planet, new highly qualified prospects! This is what we do and have helped thousands of clients, just like you, since 1999.

So, can anyone with a little time each day, being coachable, and having a good attitude make this plan work? No question about it!

Not only do we offer the best value in responsive highly qualified prospect leads on the planet, but you will also never pay for a bad or disconnected number, EVER. Just send it back and we'll replace it. This won't be much work either, since our bad number rate is below 3%. Yes, only 3%.

How we do this is simple. It's a combination of live and automated call verification. If we talk to someone that's not interested, or if it's a bad'll never see it.
Sure, a small few slip through and, at times, the number goes out of service within 24-48 hours. But, because of our processes, even your own live form-fill leads won't have this low rate of bad phone numbers! Why? Some people will fill out a Webform for more information, but put in a bogus phone number because they only want the details via email. We catch most of these before they ever hit your inbox.

Our Replacement Guarantee -- We will replace any bad phone numbers 100%, less our 10% overage normally provided daily!

try now
This lead program is a home run for many business builders and the price is simply unbeatable. Only thing is, we have a very limited supply of this primary lead, so don't delay. Try us for one month right now, and see for yourself...before we are sold out. It happens two to three times a year and we end up putting clients on a waiting list. Change your future now -- try real leads, fresh, responsive... and as low as .49c each!

There simply is no better value for a prospect lead anywhere, period. Imagine reaching out calling highly qualified prospect leads actually open to your business and opportunity! If you are serious about building your home business, get started today.

If you have any questions, call us at 888-793-2882. Ask for Mark or Michelle

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We are absolutely dedicated to helping networkers and home businesses achieve financial freedom, through online automation, a solid lead program, proven success strategies and full client support at every step.

To build a solid successful network marketing organization, YOU AND YOUR TEAM need fresh, responsive, affordable, cost-effective, highly qualified prospect leads that are actively seeking a way to earn extra income in their spare time.

Why not buy a better prospect lead at wholesale prices?
Leads are the lifeblood of any business, and having a steady supply of interested highly qualified prospects, open to your business, flowing through your organization, will dramatically increase the size of your business and your bank account! 

Our philosophy on selling leads and offering you your own lead base is simple:    “A commitment of honesty and integrity to offer you the best, most responsive leads possible, at the lowest price I can. My Objective: Offer you the highest (ROI) you can find from any lead provider” Mark Wittkowski, Founder, Partner, 18-year Online Marketer, Copywriter, Coach, Lead Generator & Software Developer.


Responsive Lead Clients Speak Out!

quotemark-left2 Hi Mark! Wow! We have an awesome Promotion going on and I am going crazy with Follow Ups besides trying to get calls made to my fresh leads. Thank you for the great leads! I've had 1 prospect sign up on Sunday already, one more signing up tomorrow, and I have 3 more that are interested and should sign up soon! quotemark-right2 Pat Pinky, Worth, IL

quotemark-left2 I have been receiving Responsive Leads for a few months and these are the most receptive leads I have ever used! They are actually waiting for my call! I have made presentations to many of them and brought 9 new people into my business already! I can't thank you enough Mark and Responsive Leads! quotemark-right2 Melva Calvin, Gilbert, AZ

quotemark-left2 The leads that I received from Responsive Leads have been incredible! I would say that in many ways they are much more valuable than the higher priced leads that I have purchased. It is particularly helpful knowing the age of the person I am calling and the exact time of their filling out the online survey. Many of the people have been friendly and responsive. The leads from Online Automation have been a great source to keep my pipeline well-supplied with quality pre-qualified prospects. Thank you! quotemark-right2 Sheffie Hilliard, Fresno, CA

quotemark-left2 If there is one thing i have to say, and that would be, I really appreciate the fact that these are really true prospects that are truly looking. They are not leads where there kids accidentally pushed the wrong button on their computer. And they say they never requested information. The experience I have had with your leads are these are people that are definitely people ready to hear what you have to say. I have signed up 2 people from the people i called. and I believe there is more to come out of that. Thanks Mark have a blessed Evening quotemark-right2 Richard Rowley, Oklahoma City, OK

quotemark-left2 Opportunity is Never Lost..It Simply Goes to Those that are Ready and if you want to speak to those that are ready, Online Automation and Responsive Leads deliver. I recently started working Responsive Leads again. I just worked 100 leads from Responsive Leads, reached 77 people, and put 24 new people in my business! As network marketers, time being our most valuable asset and building momentum being the essential key, it is imperative that we have the absolute best lead generation provider. With Online Automation/Responsive Leads our Team is guaranteed, friendly and personal customer service with a Company who truly understands and meets our specific needs. We have been networking for seven years now, we know what we want, affordable and prime proven leads which Online Automation delivers, every time. quotemark-right2 Carol Van Tassel, Portland, Oregon

quotemark-left2 I want to say out of all the lead companies, Responsive Leads are the best I've ever used hands down. I highly recommend the Level1 Profile leads. You won't find a better quality lead for the price, period. I usually only have to talk to a handful of people before signing up a new broker with their leads. This company takes care of you. They even contact you by phone to make sure you received your leads and will even load them into your Autoresponder. I highly recommend their leads to anyone serious about building their business. Thanks Mark, you guys are great! quotemark-right2 Dwayne Stutzman, Toledo, Ohio

quotemark-left2 Thank you Responsive Leads for providing me with a VERY cost effective, HIGH QUALITY lead with valuable information about my prospect. These leads were BETTER THAN the $5 dollar leads that I purchased from another company that gave me very little information about the prospect. We all know that this is a game of numbers. Responsive Leads has provided me with the opportunity to keep my pipeline full of more quality leads than I have time to get to.

Responsive Leads has once again proven that they can provide a superior lead in a cost effective way to help me build my enterprise. Customer service has been outstanding. I have received calls following delivery to make sure that I have received my "payload of prospects". Any questions I have had were handled instantly. Thank you Responsive Leads for partnering in my success! God Bless quotemark-right2 
John Riding, Clovis, CA

quotemark-left2 I just started using these from Responsive Leads and I think they are very good leads. The ones I reached are responsive and nice to talk to. I also feel they are every bit as good as our $2.50 and $4.00 leads I've worked recently! quotemark-right2  Robin Kolb, Missoula, Montana

quotemark-left2 Before I purchased leads from Responsive Leads I was purchasing much higher priced leads from a few different sources. To be honest with you these lower priced leads are just as good as the higher priced ones and I've also found many of them to be even more cordial and friendly. One of the best benefits of these leads is that you know the age of the person you are talking to, you can't imagine how helpful this information is until you start calling and you too will know what I mean. You can gear your call to this age category. You can almost anticipate some of the responses.

The leads that I am purchasing from Responsive Leads are at such an affordable price that even a beginner needs to take advantage of this offer. You are able to practice and gain more confidence and experience with each call. When you get momentum and keep calling people it actually becomes fun and also you learn how to respond to people rather quickly. In the end you have to count the cost of each lead you get. You get more leads for your money using Responsive Leads and I recommend you order some today! Also, one more thing, Mark at Responsive Leads is one of the most helpful and friendly guys to work with. You'll be very pleased!  quotemark-right2 
Sally Henderson, Oostburg, WI

quotemark-left2 Thank you so much for your prompt returns to my inquiries. You're operating a prospecting leads company that is superior to any I've dealt with in the past. Great prices, great leads and excellent customer service! quotemark-right2 Brendan Mitchell, Westford, Vermont

quotemark-left2 Hey guy's, thank you for the great leads. Ever since switching lead companies, my enrollments have drastically gone up. I would recommend your Responsive Leads for anyone looking to contact highly responsive people and grow their business. Keep up the great work! quotemark-right2 Peter Burthwright, Markham, Ontario

quotemark-left2 Mark, these last two months have been MUCH better than what I have been used to.. NOTICEABLY better...people were on par with what I was talking about and I didn't have a SINGLE...I don't know what you talking bout willis!! Thank You!! quotemark-right2 Dave Simpson, Jacksonville, FL

quotemark-left2 These 6 question surveyed leads have proven to be the most responsive and "ready to get going" leads I have ever purchased from any lead source! I have really hit the jackpot with these leads, and with the price of these 8 question surveyed leads they are a no-brainer. My profit level from my business has increased dramatically. Very Responsive Leads at an unbeatable price, Thanks for suggesting them for my business Mark. quotemark-right2 Tim Cochran, Los Angeles, CA

Call our marketing experts, Michelle or Mark, right now. They can help you see if our lead program is the right fit for your business right now and get a FREE consultation, no purchase necessary. Call us at 701-258-0797 or 888-793-2882.



Each and every one of our prospect leads has just expressed a desire to earn an extra income in their spare time and/or starting a home based business filling out a "live offer" web form within 1-3 days ago and sold ONLY 3-5 times.

Far too many competitors are known to sell fresh leads as many as 10-12 times, price them much higher than they need and break a sacred client trust rule by doing something that the industry calls, "blending". This is where poor, low quality leads are mixed into a client's order in greater amounts as the account ages! This may answer some of your questions regarding the last few lead compaines you've used.

Also, although it's impossible to be absolutely 100%, our leads are NOT incentive based, give-away, sweepstakes, or co-registration site leads that, unfortunately, many lead companies offer.

What does it mean for a lead to be DNC Compliant?
FTC regulation is very clear here. Companies and individuals have 90 days from the time a lead requests information to be contacted. Since all our leads are UNDER 3 days from the date of opt-in, they are 100% DNC compliant. If you have any questions just call 888-793-2882.

So, what does this mean for you?

It means you'll have absolutely no trouble calling the most responsive pre-qualified prospects possible...the, now, much more than half the population registered with the FTC's Do Not Call List!

EVERY ONE OF YOUR LEADS comes with the following information:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Physical Address
  • Server Time/Date and IP Address

...PLUS answers to these 6 pre-qualifying questions.

1) Gender:
       Select===> Male or Female

2) The #1 reason I am looking for a home-based business is:
       Select===> Tax saving, Be my own boss, Financial freedom, Get rid of debt, Better quality of life, More time with family, Approaching retirement, Job security, Quit my job

3) In your opinion, how much does it take to start a legitimate home business?:
       Select===> $1,500+, $1,000-$1,500, $750-$1000, $500-$750, Around $500

4) If I like the information I get, I want to get started when?:
       Select===> Ready to get started!, Very Interested, Interested, Somewhat interested

5) When is the Best Time to Reach You is?:
       Select===> Morning, Afternoon, Evening

6) In choosing the right business, that most important aspect is?:
       Select===> A Simple to Use System, Company Stability, Making long term income, Making money right away, Tax-Saving Advantages

These are great insight questions for you to get an idea where each prospect is at, in the moment, before you even call them.

responsiveleads-32.gifYour Investment Options for Our Level1 Profile 6-Question Long Form SURVEYED 24-72 Hour Fresh and Phone Verified Prospect Lead Packages!




1000.89 $89
2000.5995 $119.9
4000.4925 $197
6000.49 $294

***IMPORTANT NOTE: Our Promotion applies to the 200/mo Prospect Lead Package now at only $119/mo (under 60c each) rather than $138.00/mo and is based on a 3-month plan agreement. It can be discontinued at any time after your 3-month anniversary.

You will receive highly qualified prospect leads every Tuesday through Friday, right to your inbox. On occasion we may alternate days based on availability, but you will average NO less than 50 highly qualified prospect leads a week for the 200/month package, and 100 leads a week for the 400/month lead package and 150 leads a week for the 600/month lead package.


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